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We all dream of having a bountiful, sunny garden packed with fresh herbs and fragrant citrus trees. With zesty lemon, sweet basil, savoury garlic and a hint of paprika, this bright, zippy herb blend is the next best thing. We love sprinkling it over veggies before they go into the oven – especially spring asparagus. And it’s unbeatable as a one-step rub for grilled salmon. For an easy, elegant side dish, try tossing it with new potatoes and a drizzle of olive oil before roasting. The only thing missing? A chilled glass of rosé.

  • 80g
  • wood pulp tube & compostable bag*

Ingredients: French Grey Sea Salt, Spices, Herbs, Garlic, Lemon Peel, Onion, Sugar, Lemon Concentrate (citric acid, lemon oil, lemon juice)

Kanel is a Canadian company, based in Montreal and is led by a small team of food-loving female entrepreneurs. 

*Packaged in resealable, compostable bags right after blending to reduce their exposure to air and humidity. The tubes are made from wood pulp, are BPA-free, printed with vegetable-based ink (made from soybeans) and held together with non-toxic water-based glue. Although storing your blends inside the tubes is perfectly safe, it is strongly recommended to keep your spices in the compostable bags to keep them from clumping together in high humidity.