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You can drink rosé all day with this delicious sangria mix!

The Moira rosé sangria is a beautiful combination of ROSE BUDS, CRANBERRIES, PINEAPPLES,  LEMONS & ORGANIC CANE SUGAR.

Suggested infusion; rosé or white wine


Fill - empty package into a pitcher & add one bottle of rosé or white wine

Fuse - refrigerate for 1-2 hours for maximum flavour.

Sip - stir & add into a glass, top with 1-2oz sparkling water & enjoy!

Each infusion package makes one batch of sangria.

Fuse & Sip is a Canadian company and their products are produced in Squamish, BC. All drink mixes are created using 100% pure ingredients with nothing added - that means no artificial sweeteners, sulphur, carbs or anything really except fruit, herbs, flowers, and sugar.

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