two tones stoneware garlic canister/keeper white speckled glaze with unglazed natural bottom on white background
two tone stoneware garlic keeper with loose garlic beside on countertop with utensils behind and pot of herbs


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Charming and practical! We're in love with this garlic canister, not only does it look great but it also keeps your garlic fresher longer! Artisan made in Portugal by Casafina from their Fattoria line.

Two-toned glaze and matte finish, single-fired at high temperature to create a ceramic body that is highly resistant to thermal & mechanical shock. Can be safely used in the oven, microwave and freezer. As a precaution, avoid placing pieces straight from the oven onto a cold surface. Sustainable production using local resources and environmentally friendly facilities.

Garlic canisters, also known as garlic keepers or garlic houses, are designed to create the perfect environment for garlic so it stays fresher longer. They help to keep garlic bulbs in a dark dry spot, help to reduce humidity and temperature fluctuations and also just looks charming on your counter. 

  • stoneware
  • 013.6 x H13.9 cm
  •  0.28L capacity
  • made in Portugal by Casafina

Dishwasher safe. Hand washing is recommended for oversized and delicate pieces. 

Please Note: All stoneware is hand-finished. Any irregularities, colour variations or small imperfections should be considered unique marks of authenticity.

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